Guideline and FAQs of TJC(Travel to Japan Concierge) online

We have started TJC(Travel to Japan Concierge) online. Based on some responses from invited travelers, we publish guideline and FAQs here.


1. Firstly, please register from online form
You can see overview in this post
2. Read invitation email from “Planna Notifications”
After registration, you get invitation mail from TJC via Planna. If you can not find email with subject “Invitation for Planna: …”, please check your spam folder just in case.
3. Access to web site of
via url in the invitation email.
4. Get support.
Please just chat your question about Japan, you get an answer from our concierges account. In addition, Planna generates recommendation for your plan. To get specific recommendation from Planna, please just send request for recommendation.



What’s Planna?
Planna is just tool to plan travel.
Is there anything unique or special to Planna? 
When you input your plan (things to do, event), based on that information Planna generates recommendation automatically with AI. The recommendation is specific to Japanese information at moment.
What about security and privacy policy on Planna?
Here is Planna’s official Privacy Policy. In addition, if you want to have your private plan with out us, you can create “New Tour” and your travel information will be closed. Also you can remove our TJC (Travel to Japan Concierge) account from Travelers section.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.
TJC online concierges

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