Places to go for day trip from Tokyo

Many tourists want to go on a day trip from Tokyo but do not know where to go. Here are my recommendations. Each city has a unique character for you to enjoy.

No. City/Sites What to do / What to see From Tokyo St.(Train) From Shinjuku St.(Train)
1 Kawasaki Doraemon Musium (Fujiko. F Fujio Musium), Lazona Kawasaki(Shopping Mall), Kawasaki Daishi (Temple) 0:25 0:39
2 Yokohama Yokohama Chinatown, Sankeien Garden, Landmark tower, Yokohama Seabass(Tour Boat and Cruise) 0:27 0:29
3 Odawara Odawara Catsle, Musium of Natural History, Odawara Wanpaku Land 0:35 1:09
4 Kamakura Hasedera(Temple), Tsuruoka Hachimangu (Shrine), Great Buddha 0:36 0:56
5 Atami Hot spring, Kinomiya Shrine, MOA(Musium of Art) 0:48 1:15
6 Takasaki Byakue Daikannon, Lake Haruna, Haruna shrine 0:50 1:10
7 Kawagoe Kawagoe old town, Kiwain (Temple), Hikawa(Shrine) 0:57 0:46
8 Hakone Hot spring, Musiums, Lake Ashi, Hakone Shrine 0:58 1:27
9 Mt. Takao Hiking (or Cable car), Yuki-ji(Temple) 1:22 0:44
10 Echigo Yuzawa Hot spring, Fishing park, Summer park(Ski & Snow board) 1:24 1:35

These are all within 1.5 hour train ride. Mt. Fuji and Nikko are the other options but they take longer to get to. Please send a request if you need a suggested route to a specific city.



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